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Rift One - Developer Update #2

DEVELOPER UPDATE #2 Hello everyone! its been a while since we posted on the blog. We are here to share some development updates.   Please Note: This isnt Dev-Blog #2. that is coming very soon and is actively being worked on. Environments Our environment artist, Vlado has been working hard on environments. you all must have seen some screenshots at this point on our DISCORD. He is currently working on the "Alien World". a place where you end up after the opening of the game. We will be sharing more about this at the end of the year. Character Modelling & Animation Our character artist, sezac, has been working on the player character. which is just about finished. it took a while. but quality is worth the wait. than having something low quality and disappointing. take a look at a few images below.   Skin Textures and hands.   Boot of Marks Armor.   Thats all we have to show you! at least until Dev-Blog 2! We have had a few delays. but for a good reason. a lot is going on