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Rift One - Mini Dev-Blog #2

Its Been a While! Hello all!  We realize its been a while since we last made a blog on our blog! so here are a few small updates since our last Developer Blog we made on our youtube channel HERE So here are the changes we have been doing since:     ENVIRONMENTS! Some of you may have already seen some environements we have posted on our twitter our environment artists are actively working to get the atmosphere right.      PROGRAMMING? Our programming team are constantly working on creating interesting and awesome gameplay. it is currently unfinished. so that is something we dont want to show yet. STORY? story is steadily going forward. we have a outline of where we want it to go. and are writing interesting, funny, dark villains and other characters! this is something we want to get completely correct though. while and FPS, this game is driven by story. Thats all for now! thanks for reading!