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RIFT ONE Dev Update #1 (& SkyHarbour Stuff)

RIFT ONE Dev Update #1 (& SkyHarbour stuff) Hey Rifters! we have quite a bit to talk about!  first off. NEW MODELS!  Our hardworking environment artists have been working on the environments a ton! and soon. you will get to see it all come together...ish. you see, we are a relatively small team. so working on high poly futuristic models takes ALOT of time. GAMEPLAY!   AI is in progress, it is one of the most complex parts of this project (So far) we have music in production. as well as 3D Characters!  Lets Talk About SkyHarbour! Now, i hear the question everyone is probably asking.... What in the hell is skyharbour? well, its been on our discord and our website! skyharbour is a first person RPG. we have a second team working extremely hard on it! thats pretty much all we want to reveal for now. but here is a WIP Concept Tease: Thats all! Twitter Discord Reddit

Mini Rift One Development Update

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Dev-Blog #1! We have been working hard the past couple of months! So we thought we’d update you on what’s going on! WARNING: EVERYTHING YOU SEE IN THIS POST IS WIP AND MAY BE REPLACED. (The blog post also may not be long.) Over the past couple of months we have been focusing on FPS Mechanics and improving the player experience! So far we have made it fully customisable from bullet fire distance and weapon fire spread to weapon changing animation and muzzle flash animations. Still alot to do though. (Gun is will be replaced) Our 3D modellers have been modelling stuff for the past 4+ months modelling some high quality models!  That’s pretty much all for now! We will be updating you soon! - Team Data7


WELCOME! Welcome to the data7 blog! here we will update everyone on our projects! and our progress on our FPS game, Rift One! yes. this first blog is pretty short. but we will make sure to make a full dev blog soon! ~ Team Data7